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Applied Behavior Analytic & Psychological Services, P.C. (ABAPS) is a private psychological practice providing treatment of challenging behavior through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and of anxiety through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

ABAPS provides services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related developmental disabilities, as well as individuals without disabilities who are exhibiting challenging behavior.  Intervention will focus both on the reduction of interfering behavior and improvement of functional and adaptive skills.  ABAPS also provides social and coping skills training, as well as parent training and counseling. Please see "Services" for a list of services for specific behavioral issues. 

For those with anxiety, therapy will focus on better understanding the sources of discomfort while working to reduce the impact of these sources through numerous behavioral and mindfulness strategies.  By experiencing less stress from negative thoughts and emotions, one is better able to make changes geared at accomplishing  his or her personal goals.

ABAPS is committed to providing solution-focused therapy where the goals are measurable and the interventions are research-based. Your values will directly impact the development of these goals, and progress will be reviewed at scheduled points to ensure you are comfortable and benefiting from the therapeutic process.

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